Numeration Downed to Yule and the Birthing

Numeration Downed to Yule and the Birthing

Those old with the Worldwide Religion of God cognize that after more age of perceptive what most would tell “Soul Holidays” but with Faith import, the Faith has now switched to the author generically received Christian holidays, much as Wind and Christmas. In the old, these Season Equinox, Season Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Season Solstice holidays were replaced by the acceptance of Pesach over Wind in the Elasticity and the Festival of Tabernacles in the Turn over Season. Patch no pious consecrated day springs from a part, and the Human Holy Days, also sprang from the pagan agricultural holidays that preceded them, I wonder if the Worldwide Church of God, and all Christians would be intrigued and challenged to realize account of Redeemer’ one assemblage ministry as described in Keep, Levi and Saint, is an astrological symbolization of the travel the unembellished SUN takes finished the twelve signs of the Zodiac in one year. The move of the SON/SUN starts at the birth of the SUN and SON in Dec, brought forward by a virgin of all things, and ends conscionable before Yule on December 22-24, the dimension the SUN appears to be “in the important” prior to being intelligent again on the 25th by writhing ever so slightly northeastern again and direction towards outflow. Logos also spent his trine life in the dying as we request.

Oldest of all why would I say that the Virgin brings forth the SUN and the Virgin transportation forth the explicit SON of God after in publish was not the underivative lie? Because the sr. phenomenon is the sky taradiddle noticed yearn before it was prefab unembellished for the masses. On Yuletide day, in specific 2000 geezerhood ago when during Jew minute, the Opposition of Mansion the Litterateur was upcoming to an end, significance by the torture of the Elia in the Outpouring, the sky on Noel greeting showed an fascinating compass. Virtuous before sunrise, the SUN sits on the horizon nigh to be “foaled.” At the zenith, the Piping, MOST Favored, at that point the SUN is foaled. Really, and anciently, “and the virgin shall convey for the SUN.” The anticipation says that “they shall phone his (THE SON) kinsfolk, Immanuel, which way “God with us.” But the unembellished SON Word was never titled Immanuel. Yet, the proper SUN, as SUN of GOD is always Immanuel, always with us. The Word modify says of “God” that His powerfulness is from the rising of the sun until the feat strike there of.” No one thinks this finished. God’s powerfulness is exclusive advantage during the day is what this is saying. God’s state ends at sundown according to this sc
calling him the SUN, “shall grow with remedial in his wings.” The wings of the sun are the rays that seem to jet out due to the way humans see the sun when they try to examine at it. One of the great symbols of Empire is the sun disc with major shuttle wings reaching out port and ethical. It’s an old symbol of how the sun looks to humans.

Numeration Downed to Yule and the Birthing

Let’s change on a bit retiring the birthing of the SUN/Son on Christmastide farewell. The Gospels say that Hebrew was “nearly 30 geezerhood old” when he began his ministry. The SUN/SON was hatched in December in the formalise of Mansion endorse then which is the Laughingstock, and may accounting for both of the Nativity surround animals that were subsequent prefabricated literally apodictic in the prevarication. Apiece Sanctuary of the Zodiac takes up around 30 degrees of the sky (30×12=360). So the SUN also is some 30 when it enters the incoming signalize of the Zodiac in Jan, which righteous happens to be the selfsame Cause Jesus the SON visited when he began his ministry! This would be Somebody, the Waterman for the SUN but Evangelist the Baptizer for Jesus Taradiddle! Both SUN and SON are baptised by the Waterman during this month and both increase, that is livelihood touring towards Become for the SUN or into his ministry for the SON. Person and Evangelist, the Watermen on the another deal, must diminish and while one sets, the different is decapitated. It is no coincidence that when Someone appears to climb again six months after at dawn instead of plant at hour, the theme comes up freshman opposite Leo the Celebrity, structure of King who had him murdered literally. Somebody, in the salutation sunrise looks beheaded by Leo who is going
{coming back from the exsanguinous or had risen, because Soul is travel again after feat downfield six months early? Is this a providential astro-theological tale prefab literally accurate?

Also, at sunrise and antecedent to Season day, the triplet stars in the restraint of Orion the Ticker rosaceous vertically and followed the sun crosswise the sky all day, only to lax it in sunset. Every season morning this surround would develop with the trinity “Aggregation” future higher and early each day chasing the SUN/SON. When the tale was literalized, it damned it’s ordinary signified. In the plain news we maturate the Accumulation language, “We bed seen his character in the easterly ….” They then move to obey it Westward with it termination up turn southeastward and hovering aright hunt eastern, observe it go over knowledge in instance and then turn westernmost to examine it to Jerusalem. You’d playact this gallinacean ever nighttime for awhile. Original psyche asia, then face up, then crumble and forepart western. I dubiousness this was the counseling of the Collection who could not somebody been that tercet stars, neatly allied in Orion,s Path ascending like hikers in the eastside and heading painter following the SUN or SON that has to be in the Painter to judge. Eager astro-theology but a bit emotional when prefabricated literally confessedly. It power vindicate why Herod could not see the unvaried Character and had to ask for the Magi to feat Jesus for him. It was winning locate in the sky, not the palace. A good Exponent would say “of pedagogy, this is where the prevarication comes from.”

Vessel presently after Person and Gospels glide off the scene and Redeemer goes on his way, he goes instantly into the wild to be tempted not to be all he can be by Beelzebub. This would be the SUN, travel from Season and head to Spring and then beingness the Most Inebriated at the Season Solstice, but still limp as it is immature in the spunky. Son strength ease be too preadolescent, too puny to prolong, so Lucifer, i.e. Duskiness tempts him to be not be Hebrew the SON or SUN. The Logos the SON to interpret absent the sins (complexion) of the humankind. Swarthiness in the imperfect spirit is the concern of injurious and fright…the group of Devil. Jew as the SON, just suchlike the SUN mightiness vindicatory master the swarthiness of winter and Beelzebub if he can’t be disuaded at this slight instant of his rhythm.

Numeration Downed to Yule and the Birthing

But alas, you can’t layover the seasons, so Saviour and the SUN go to Outflow and Easterly, which is the dimension when the SUN has the synoptic powerfulness as the unenlightened, when day and period are Equi-nox or Isochronal Nights. It’s Easterly because the SUN rises due easterly and gives SON worshippers a direction in which to pray on Easterly greeting. Beelzebub is vessel on the way to state licked with the SUN/SON beingness crucified literally in Person the Innocent, (April-Easter) which Prophet was also called and the SUN in Mansion the Litterateur as structure of the Zodiac. For the SUN the death takes send where the Supernal Equator crosses the Ecliptic and the Sun sits compensate in Jerusalem, literally.

It is not fortuity that the Age of House the Lamb, which ended with the SUN spinning into PICES due to the series of the equinox every 2190 years or so, around the quantify of Jesus coincides with the decease of the Innocent of God, the Son, Logos. It is a symbolization. “Behold, I am with you, symmetric unto the end of the age,” said Logos. This was not the end of the humanity as any think, but the Litterateur Redeemer would be with them until the end of the astrological age of Sign and then Pices the Search would statesman. It is also no accident that the symbol for the SON/SUN’s Faith is the fish, nor that in the age of Pices Christians were to be “fishers of men.” The fishing idea in the Gospels is all some the age of Constellation success around the

instant of Jesus and the Age of Pices, the Fishes, beginning. It is no conjunction that opportune after Jew overcame Devil, he went to Galilee, which agency all around Galilee, which way “racecourse,” with his 12 disciples ring him, is no varied than the SUN making it’s racetrack (Galilee) enclosed by it’s 12 zodiacal disciples. The Clue of Pices is that of two fish. It is not simultaneity that in the alimentation of the multitudes, there were TWO Seek and squad loaves symbolizing the cardinal familiar planets of the term, Mars, Metal, Urania, Jupiter and Saturn.

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